History of HIroshima Day Marches in Sydney

Dear all,

We are endeavoring to find out the first Hiroshima Day Event in Sydney of any size as well as any picture or posters from that time.  At present we have two offerings one from 1964, and one from 1960.


Jim Cairns MHR

A small report in the Tribune July 1964

SYDNEY: Dr. J. F. Cairns, M.H.R., will be the main speaker at Sydney’s Hiroshima Day rally, the Hiroshima Commemoration Committee announces.  The Hiroshima Commemoration’ Committee in Sydney has organised a city march and a rally- at the Trocadero for Sunday, August 9, 1964.

The march will leave the Liverpool Street end of Hyde Park at 2 p.m. and finish at the Trocadero in time for the commencement of the rally at 3 p.m.