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Hiroshima Day Commmittee, Sydney, Australia
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Put a Nuclear Free World on the agenda

Unless public opinion is mobilised and nuclear abolition becomes a serious issue, nothing much will change globally. A citizens’ movement is needed to challenge the countries that possess the world’s suicidal, genocidal and ecocidal weapons and to put nuclear abolition at the top of the international political agenda.

Restore the Canberra Commission

The Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons was established by the Australian Government in 1995 to propose practical steps towards a nuclear weapons free world. It was later closed down. “A nuclear weapon free world can be secured and maintained through political commitment, and anchored in an enduring and binding legal framework,” The Commission stated. Australia should contribute to the growing pressure to finally abolish all nuclear weapons.

Now is the time
to restore the
Canberra Commission

All our hopes and plans for the future exist under the shadow of a catastrophic threat – one that could kill millions of people in a few moments and destroy civilisation. Although there are other threats, such as global warming, it is nuclear weapons that are the greatest immediate danger.